• Bilbo Baggins [quicktime: 4.08MB]
    And here it is, the "" that's sweeping the Net. Leonard Nimoy sings this wonderful little ditty about Tolkien's tiny hero. Well worth the download!
  • Avista Commercial [mpeg: 1.78MB]
    The second widely published commercial from these guys: features a cat and a fish, and the same concept of needing to learn another language.
  • Earthquake (at Microsoft) [windows media: 1.67MB]
    The big (6.8) earthquake in Seattle (28/02/2001) was felt even in the DirectShow lab in building 27 of Microsoft's main campus in Redmond! Tune in to see what all the ruckus was about!
  • Earthquake (at US Postal Service) [quicktime: 8.03MB]
    Staci M sent us this clip of herself heroically leading her class at the US Postal Service to safety when the big (6.8) earthquake hit Seattle on 28/02/2001. Note how calm she is in the face of danger, and how cool she is as she ensures not a single soul is left behind!
  • Alien Song [mpeg: 3.05MB]
    This is a hilarious 3D computer-animated music video to the song "I Will Survive". Download it. It's fantastic!
  • More Cowbell! [wmv: 4.28MB]
    The super-classic Blue Oyster Cult skit from Saturday Night live starring Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell.
  • Y2K Conspiracy [real video: 2.6MB]
    Is there going to be a Military Takeover of New York City on New Years Eve 1999? Of course not, but this little flick is rather amusing anyway! From Crowded Theater.

    Other Stuff

  • Jon Stewart on Crossfire [wmv: 35.7MB]
    The beginning of the end of CNN's Crossfire program. Jon Stewart runs rampant over supposed professional debaters.
  • Jon Stewart's Emmy presentation 2005 [mov: 5.11MB]
    Jon Stewart's Emmy awards presentation monologue - Hurricane Katrina reference.
  • George W's Speeches [: MB]
    Parody "documentary" segment about George W Bush's apparently purposeful "boob" image.


  • I Am Brian [mpeg: 12.5MB]
    Microsoft, following close on the heels of Molson, has created their own version of the "I Am Canadian" commercial. It stars Brian Valentine, Senior Vice President, Windows Division.
  • Developer House [mpeg: 4.88MB]
    A nice little parody of "Animal House", with the Vice President of Windows playing the role of "Bluto" in an effort to encourage 3rd party developers to write good device drivers.
  • Fast Eddie's [wmv: 3.7MB]
    Parody of a low budget store commercial, but selling Windows XP.
  • Balmer [mpeg: 4.88MB]
    Developers, developers, developers, developers.
  • IE SmartTags commercial [mpeg: 4.88MB]
    A slightly risque European commercial for IE's SmartTags. I guess that makes it unsuitable for prissy North American markets, but it's pretty funny.

    Star Wars

  • The Star Wars Kid [windows media: 3.0MB]
    Oh. My. God. This poor kid's movie, which, in past ages would have decently been burried at midnight, is, in the age of the Interweb, instead posted on a million sites for a billion people to laugh at!
  • Star Wars Kid Remix [windows media: 1.1MB]
    The poor kid's video with effects applied to it, to make it even more embarassing than it was before. Be sure to watch the original first (above), in order to get the full effect.
  • Park Wars: Episode I Teaser [avi: 22.8MB]
    Nope, you didn't read that wrong - "Park Wars", as in South Park! This is a great redo of the Episode I trailer using South Park characters and animation.
  • Tie-Tanic [quicktime: 27.4MB]
    A great spoof pairing Star Wars and Titanic. Lip sync dubbing is great, and the plot is bizzare (and funny as hell)! This is a decent version, although we'd really like to get a better quality copy if anyone knows of one.
  • Troops [quicktime: 28.6MB]
    Kevin Rubio's now-famous short film which merges the Star Wars universe and the television show Cops. Watch carefully: it tells a portion of Episode IV from the point of view of the Empire.
  • Thumb Wars [mpeg: 79.6MB]
    This fabulous parody from Steve Oedekerk. His "Thumb" movies are not to be missed!
  • Bounty Trail [quicktime: 43.5MB]
    Boba Fett stars in his own short that occurs during his journey to deliver Han Solo to Jabba the Hut. (Part one with no part two)
  • Trooper Clerks [quicktime: 13.0MB]
    Oooh, it's gotta be good when you mix Star Wars and Clerks... this is only a trailer for the movie - basically an ad for Clerks, but with Storm Troopers.
  • Hoth Memorial [quicktime: 18.9MB]
    A neat 3D-rendered video celebrating the fallen at Hoth. This short was done by the effects supervisor of Bounty Trail.

    Terry Tate

  • Streaker [wmv: 2.5MB]
    Terry Tate, Office Linebacker - the first of the series. Reebok ran most of these as Superbowl commercials.
  • Terry's World [wmv: 16.6MB]
    Intro to Terry Tate as an office linebacker, as told by Ron Feltcher, CEO of Feltcher & Sons.
  • Draft Day [wmv: 14.3MB]
    Terry Tate gets some competition.
  • Vacation [wmv: 16.0MB]
    Terry takes a vacation and becomes a hotel linebacker.
  • OSPN [wmv: 22.4MB]
    A tribute to Terry on OSPN.
  • Sensitivity Training [wmv: 19.5MB]
    Does Terry cause a hostile work environment? Of course not!!