Desktop wallpaper! 2006.05.14
Wonders continue ... I've added a wallpaper section to the site with various photos in various resolutions for anyone that wants them. It's a pretty heavily manual process to get them up right now, but since it's going to be the way I get new desktop backgrounds at work, it might even get updated occasionally.
New crap!! 2005.09.22
Four new video clips added to the movies pages. Well, not really *new*, but definitely have not been posted on this site before!
Movement... 2004.11.14
Another move, another ISP, another server... more faster, more traffic allowance, less money. W00t to the fr00t.
Oooh, Homestar! 2003.12.03
No further news on the server switch yet. I *am* working on it, though. For real. No, this news item is just to let you know that I obtained a new Apple "Switch" campaign parody. This one is about Homestar Runner. Check it out under "Cool Stuff" and "Switch".
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